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Yet another, "How does [insert name] do [insert technique]"

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Yes it's another one of those topics again.

Chris Brown is an inspirational figure to me in music. I watch a lot of his videos day in and day out.

After reading Felipe's post on Breathing and Lateral-Intercostal support I noticed Chris Brown's support technique whilst singing in a particular video.

The following video shows what he is doing. It looks like he is:

- Tensing up his upper abs.

- Obliques tensing and pushing down

- Muscles under the armpits tighten

- Lower abs relax

Is this form of support good?

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He's so muscle bound, I'm not sure I could tell. But at least he sings really good. And the women in the audience seem to appreciate the view.


Yeah he doesn't sing great here. I just wondered if it was a similar form of support like Felipe described.

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We cant know. To know youd have to ask him...

Also what I wrote there is a way to train support, its very efficient, but its meant to train, its not an universal answer to apply on everyone.

With your voice under control, then its a matter of capturing the ideas and using them.

If the question is towards tone or something, then no, support will not give you a specific "tone" your tone is already there.

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Yeah I figured.

I really like feeling the support in my back. Nice and firm. I obviously will have to get used to it and adapt it to my own style. I believe my tone is fine. I do have a habit of pushing my jaw forward whilst singing.

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