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Iron Maiden "Run To The Hills" cover - finished version!

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I posted an earlier take of this and got some useful feedback - thanks guys. So, I attended to the feedback and had another go. I'm considering it finished now, anyway, as good as I can get it:


I hope it shows some improvement! I know need to work on my vibrato :(

If you didn't listen to the earlier version, note that this is a cover (not a Karaoke backing track) but with all the instruments on played (or programmed in the case of drums) by my friend Tony Rhodes. I did the mix and master.


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Nice job there George.

And what makes me like it even more is this that you said in another thread:


Ron - LOL! I didn't know what any of that was about.

Man! I need to read up more theory:

... Lift up, pull back, hourglass voice, carry chest high, bring head voice down, balance of emission, balance of air below and above the glottis. Engaging the core, breathe with the belly, activate the diaphragm. Sing from the diaphragm.. .

I can hear clear diction, power, tuning, accent, passion, delivery, timing, dynamics. I don't know how they get there though!

You're not overthinking it

You're just doing it man ;)

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Many thanks everyone.

Tommy - my main tool for improving is to record a lot of stuff, liten back to it hyper-critically and then try to do it again a bit better. Of course, without a teacher/coach to help I have to figure out myself how to improve on each iteration, but I htink I'm getting there with some of it.

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Aaron - I did do the backing vocals, but they were too low in the mix to hear properly.

I've bumped their levels up and refreshed the mix on the same link as in the OP, so anyone listening from now on will get the adjusted mix.

Thanks for your feedback.

Yeah, its a little better. You should go back and listen to the original track, those backing tracks were pretty damn loud lol.

After hearing your cover I went back and listened because I thought you were flat on one of your notes but I was just sharp in my memory but that is where i noticed the biggest difference.

Over all though it was really good. I might have to try to talk you out of the backing track to try it myself =p

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