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help with male tenor pop vocal technique :|

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Hellooo everyonee!

I was actually recomended to do this from a member of the Cakewalk forums (Cakewalk Sonar is the DAW I use for recording). I asked for help with my tone, im a first tenor in my chamber class for over 2 years, and I love playing my acoustic and sitting down to write lyrics. Right now though, I think I need some help with my tone. It sounds, nasaly to me? Im not quiet sure.


I mess up on the guitar a bit ahaa, I just wanted to get this out there to get some advice on what I can do! Please ignore the terrible lyrics too xD

Thanks so much in advance!

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Sounds good.

Nicely done pop vocals, don't worry too much about nasality when it comes to pop. Pop vocals are almost always a little nasal because that makes it more light.

I am a firm believer of that there should be no general sound ideal when teaching vocals, just a "healthy ideal". But I'm pretty sure that many regular people, especially men, think that someone with good vocals should be singing quite dark and powerful. Ignore these guys and go for a sound that you like, and feel good doing. If you however, really want to sing less nasal and more dark then we can definitely give you some tips for that. (And singing one way does not have to exclude the other :))

Anyway sorry for making such a big buzz about that, could you specify more what kind of help you want with your voice? You want more power, higher range or something else perhaps? :)

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Dont be sorry at all! I love learning more about voice, my chamber teacher helps but not on an individual standpoint, just as a whole. (like ALL the tenors ect.) This is what a member from the cakewalk forum said:

"It sounds like you are singing while playing guitar. The rythm of the vocal phrases sound a little meandering at times, like everytime you sing it, the rythm is a little different. Some of the phrases sound like you are trying to say too many syllables. You don't sound really comfortable with the rythm. I advice would be to record the guitar first (if you haven't already) and get into a groove with the words. Practice singing this song alot - without recording voice. You need to get this song "into" your voice before recording it. Your voice will work great with the song. You just need to develop confidence singing it - and that will come when you feel the rythm of it. "

I actually did record the guitar first, then vocals haha. But I see where he is getting at, to sing along with the guitar alot before recording it to get comfortable. I also know its BAD to try and mimic and sound like other artists, because everyone has their own individual and unique voice. I LOVE john mayers voice, but his is so more defined and different from mine I just enjoy his music.

Im really aiming for a vocal style like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKhSk-DyeWs

I get compared to his voice alot, and I want to end up writing music just like that (Acoustic, pop, some synth :]) I really admire his voice, he is much more talented though but I want to try and practice untill I can sing like that. Im not a vocal expert, but it sounds less nasaly I think? Maybe it has more of that dark tone your talking about, even though its very light. His natural voice seems to be higher than mine to, my teacher usually makes us to lip trills and stacatto exercises to raise our range, but I still cant get a decent tone at the top of mine :| I want to make them seem less PUSHED out. Sorry if im asking to much hahaaa, but everyone here seems really helpfull and I dont want to pass up on such a good community that can really help me :]

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Ah and I JUST recorded this (from my webcam haha, so BAD quality xD)

Its not really a PRIME example of voice, I didnt warm up or anything like that, and this is just a first take because it was a joke song :]

But any example helps right haha?

thank you so much for helping too :]

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