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Lump in my throat?

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For a couple of weeks now I've started getting this weird sensation in my throat after sometimes after singing. It feels kinda like I have thick mucus or something else stuck at the "root of my tongue" (or whatever it's called). At first I though it was just a flu but after it didn't go away in a week I made an appointment the see a ENT to make sure I don't have nodes or anything like that. The doctor didn't find anything and in his words my vocal folds looked "100 % healthy". He did point out that I might have acid reflux and gave me some advice on that. Anyway, what ever it was it when away after a week or so.... But now I think it's coming back. Whenever I vocalize I feel the same lump in my throat! I'm beginning to think that I might get acid reflux during the night, even thought I don't feel anything "wrong" in the morning. What should do now? I know most of you guys aren't doctors but has anybody have any personal experience with acid reflux and how to deal with it?

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