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At least on the Johnny Cash version. It was originally written by Trent Reznor as a Nine Inch Nails song and you can even find youtube footage of it in a NIN concert. Cash covered it and took it over, to the point that even Reznor realizes it's now Johnny's song, except, of course, that Reznor receives songwriter royalties for Cash's recording. Cash, I think, made the lyrics more believable than Trent's post-industrial almost Robert Smith - like goth delivery. Cash sings it and you really believe it.

Some of the most touching images of this video is that of his wife, Roseanne Cash. The pain she feels for him as he lays bare his sins, the Man in Black. For we all come from the dirt and to the dust shall we return. And is there redemption?

He sings the song because he has been there, done that.

Indeed, "I will make you hurt ..."

And a lesson to us singers. His vocal line is within one octave. And near speaking level. It is not how much range or pyrotechnics. It is the delivery. Sing the song like you mean it, whatever notes you use.

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