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How many vocal techniques do you know and can use when singing?

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Simon T8W

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Ok I know this might sound like a weird question to some of you guys but I've always been an SLS guy ... and I believe I'm getting somewhere but lately, I've also purchased Ken Tamplin's vocal CD and am even planning on getting 4 pillars pretty soon. So I know you might wonder why. Well it's mainly because I want to change the way I "sound" depending on the song and yep I don't really want to go into details but I wanna know how many of you here know (and can use) more than 1 singing technique? Thanks people .. and yep, how long did it take you to get/learn it?

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Basically what Owen said. I think the basic vocal technique that any singer uses is pretty much the same. What makes a different sound is really the balance of mass/breath support, the amount of larynx dampening and the amount of twang (cord closure).

I think Pillars is pretty exhaustive explaining all that things. However, there are some programs that focus too much on single configurations, so for example they let you ONLY sing in low-mass coordinations or such things. Or in classical singing you are basically forced to ALWAYS use heavy larynx dampening.

As Owen said, all your configurations should live within a "one-voice"-approach, but of course that "one voice" can be shorter or bigger in range depending on your coordination. In a heavy mass approach for example you will lose some notes on the top-end, or will flip into falsetto for the highest notes which destroys your "one voice".

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The sound that my cat makes, I would not necessarily call that singing. Just as the sounds I make, some might not call that singing. :o

My first cat, Misty, would put her paw on me when I was singing. I guess she thought i was in pain. The cat I have now, Jade, finds some place to take a nap.

Same with my dog, Shadow, pictured in my avatar. However, Shadow will sing along with the faux opera singers in the "J G Wentworth" commercials and also the Yellow Tail wine commercial that takes place on a roof.

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