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Just Got 4 Pillars 2.5 :)

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hey guys i just got the holiday special of 4 pillars 2.5 and im really excited to start working towards easier higher ranged singing :)

i already have a copy of singing success and have been working with it for a year or so and i have made some progress but not alot in the passagio area and "mix"

so my question is where should i start with 4 pillars cause the download kind of left me with a bunch files scattered around leaving me a little confused and overwhelmed with where to start S: i started reading the ebook and watched some videos but when do the exercises come in ?

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Philly -

Pillars 2.5 comes with a Training Media Interface - kinda like a program / console where you can access all the content whenever you're working out. In case you can't see it in the Pillars 2.5 download, you may need to unzip the file with another program (happened with me on my iMac).

As the others have mentioned, email Rob - he'll be happy to take you through what needs to be done.


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  • Administrator

Hi Philly...

These guys are correct... the new Pillars 2.5 comes with the new Training Media Interface or "TMI". It was developed specifically so students would no longer have to deal with "scattered files in folders" , which is typically what you get with these vocal programs... even mine, until about 4 months ago when I developed the TMI.

In your download instructions, it was very clear on how to launch the TMI. Did you fail to read the instructions? Yes, you can get to the original 'source' files in the sub-folders of your "Master" folder... but that is basically the old way of doing things, (although is useful for synching devices, etc...). It is the first time any vocal program has developed a training interface like this, it is pretty cutting-edge, or at least innovative... Its not perfect, but it is a huge leap forward in organizing the massive amount of training content you get with 'The Four Pillars of Singing' and it will make training easier and more productive for singers... Mark my words on this, you will see other voice teachers copy my idea in the coming year...

In any case, here is what the TMI should look like after it is launched:

Basically, after downloading the zip file and unzipping... open the Master folder and double click on the html file that says, "START INTERFACE HERE". It's just that simple....

Let me know if you have any other issues... and your free to email me personally if you like.... let's get training.

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