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Excess Mucus After Long Workout...

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Have been following the forums for quite a while, trying to soak up as much info as I can and decided to finall jump in with a question :D

I have been finding that after a long work-out usually on my head voice, I find that once I have cooled down I have a lot of mucus on my vocal chords. I was wondering whether that is m body telling me I worked too hard/long or just a coincidence! Can anyone tell me?

Cheers in advance


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Thanks for posting this. I see there are no replies.

Unfortunately, I have no answers for you.

This also is affecting me as well. (Mostly chest voice, as I don't sing in head voice very often.)

I find that my sinuses are draining into the back of my throat when I am singing, and I cannot get enough air in to sing properly.

This has been a huge problem with me for a long time and limiting my vocal abilities.

I do take Singular usually for allergies, even though they aren't very bad this time of year; I just hope it helps to open my airways.

I would like help or advice on how I can get this to stop.

I sing mostly rock/blues music. Some head voice, but mostly chest. I'm a female mezzo, possibly an alto.

I have quit drinking cows milk and most dairy because it creates mucus. If I know I am going to sing, I try to not eat cheese or any dairy any time before that, but the mucus still bothers me and stops me from singing as I would like to and can when it isn't bothering me, but it is far more often than not. A 1 in 10 day chance probably that the draining doesn't bother/hinder me.

Thanks for any help. I posted this here because I wanted to keep the topics together.

-Rocky :rolleyes:

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Mucus from dairy products is a myth that has recently been de-bunked. The only time such things may bother you is if you are lactose intolerant or allergic to the ingredients. For example, in the past decade, I have been drinking zero fat milk. And I don't get heartburn like I used to get. So, evidently, the fat in milk was a problem but not the milk itself.

Exercise results in a raising of the metabolic rate, both during the exercise and during rest from exercise. Metabolic rate can surely influence mucus production. Either live with it or find a remedy that controls it. Just remember that you need some mucus. Some mucus is necessary on the vocal folds to prevent them from drying and cracking and building nodules. A product that really is successful at stopping mucus production could also dry you out, too much.

Drinking water, regardless of food allergies, tends to balance you. Unless you have a genetic predisposition to produce too much mucus.

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I feel as though there is too much mucus, not just what is natural to coat my throat.

(It would be nice to see a cited source about the milk / mucus deal, because I do notice that I have far more mucus after drinking or eating dairy; which is why I quit, not because I read it somewhere. I did read that later, however. It could just be my bodily reaction to the dairy, that much is true.)

Water doesn't seem to "cut through" it. When I'm recording or singing just by myself, I constantly have to spit to try and get it out because the sinus drainage is so bad that I cannot sing, and I have to stop to spit it out. I've even got a bowl I've dedicated to spit for this mucus reason. This isn't just allergy season.

Surely, there has to be some kind of trick of the trade going around professional singers that helps cut though mucus.

It annoys me so much. If I'm singing in the car, I'm constantly rolling down the window!

I just want to be able to get air in and out properly. It feels like there is a thin film between where my sinus's drain off into the back of my throat, and my tongue.

I will explain the reason I do not drink or eat dairy, or drink anything with lots of sugar before singing. The mucus gets so bad, that I have to stop in the middle of the song and gag. I feel like it's stuck in the bottom of my throat and it chokes me if I try to inhale the adequate air to sing the part I need to. The gagging from the mucus got so bad at one point, that I had to vomit a small amount into a bag. It improved afterward, but not for long, maybe a few minutes / one song.

I've been to the doctor, and have told him this. All he did was give me a three month prescription for Singulair (for allergy use, not asthma which I do not have).

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