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By the way, you have mentioned that you have heard the terms M0-M3 defined differently. I can't seem to find any sources where M0-M3 is defined differently scientifically? I only know that registers have been defined as #1, #2, #3 and #4.

I cannot recall exactly where I read that, But it was firmly inplanted in my thoughts. It was referred to as Musculature. Not just the usual TA and CT for legtheners and thickeners. Muscles connected from Soft palet to Hyoid bone to larynx to sternum that creates a sort of stablizer and fulcrum for the tilting of the larynx and stretching the folds for head voice. And I cannot recall exactly what muscle combination for Thickening the folds.

Found by random searches on the internet. Obscure out of date books and articles I am sure.

But still a source of confusion for me as far as the legit literature is concerned. And yes this is one of the reasons that Felipes' advice of get a coach and proper orientation should be strongly considered.

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