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Vocal Fry once warmed up

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I have an interesting situation, where my vocal fry is very easy to produce when I haven't been singing that day/early mornings however, as soon as I start singing it disappears. I then have to work really hard to get the fry sound and it is incredibly weak in comparison to before.

Is this something I have to train, or am I doing something when I am singing that causes tension on the chords and therefore restricting my fry?



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Yes and no.

Its normal that the fry will start to happen much sooner after warmed up and with your voice placed higher and forward, its also normal that its efficiency compared to the rest of your voice will be very limited.

But its not normal that you simply cant use it or its more difficult. Try to decrease the "power" of your intention as you approach it, but at the same time, remember to keep it forward, if not the fry will relax your voice and will warm you down on the process. Also remember that although it does not requires pressure, it requires support. If even like this you just cant use it, then yes, there are tensions preventing it, probably will need to reposition the emission on chest voice first.

The fry will have lower capability for volume and power, dont forget that, allow it to happen, dont force it.


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Well, if there are tensions getting in the way, you will need to find a new way to sing without them, so a repositioning is due. If the tensions are happening because its not intense or strong enough, you will have to find a way to increase the compression and translate more air into sound. If its the opposite, you may have to relax it a bit and soften the attack. If its support pressure lacking or too compressed, a work to ballance it and so on, until the problem go away.

Cant really help you through text if there are tensions happening man, other than saying "try to relax and find more comfort", which is not much different than saying "try to do it better" :P.

See if what I said helps in anyway, I know that I hit this barrier easily if I dont remember to control the volume and power, and it must be controled using support. Oh yeah, if you do something that tires your voice, you can pretty much forget about using it with quality, the fry is the first to go away, its a sign you should not do the demanding thing like that.


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