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Adele and the state of the music industry

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It turns out that Adele had the best selling album for 2011 AND 2012.

The first time the same album held the #1 sales spot for 2 consecutive years.

Does this disturb anyone at all?

I'm not talking about Adele's music.

The fact that an album from January 2011 outsold all other albums in 2012 is a big statement.

So people didn't like anything from this year and just bought what they liked last year.

It's almost like 2012 was the end of the world for the music industry :lol:

Maybe it's better than no one remembers the music from 2012. :(

Anyway, just wanted to hear everyone's thoughts.

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I guess nobody else wanted to play along with the establishment.

We are going independent. Big recording companies are having trouble find good groups to play along with their agenda.

Just a conspiracy theory of mine.

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One factor to take in to consideration is album sales have dropped drastically. An album with sales of 20,000 can reach #1 spot. Illegal downloads also have also affected the industry. You also have to think about Adele's audience, it would mainly been the older gen, not to say the younger don't pay attention just that younger people download, older generations don't. CDs are phasing out.

The industry is dying.

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Well, maybe its a really good album :).

I like it, has energy and power, I dont go with the vibe of all this awesomeness towards her but I do like it. But regarding the same time period I like Adrenaline Mob better...

Conspiracy theories aside. I've got to admit that it is a very good album.

I was not meaning in any way that ADELE doesn't deserve recognition.

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This addresses 3 or 4 current posts. I felt that this one was more relevent to what I am about to say.

As far as good singing goes the bar is raised vey high now. With teachers and programs like PILLERS, KTVA, Jaimy Vendera..... On and on.

There are a lot of singers that I would love to listen to But....... The actual songs are terrible.

What does ADELE have that makes her albums sell...... GOOD SONGS.

Yes I know this is just an opinion and I have lived a musically sheltered life.

There is a reason that songs like "Dancing in the Street" becomes a number 1 chart rating song when someone new releases it(as long as they stick to the relative formula of the song).

I submit that "Rolling in the Deep" would have been a hit even if someone else sang it as long as they kept the music the way it is and the general feel.

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I think the download thing has a lot of it and those who would by the music of Adele probably are still using cd players.

But, in general, hard copy distribution has gone way down. My boss is a good example. It has been years since he bought a CD. He can download a gargantuan download from itunes, save it on a hard drive, and export to his ipod as he sees fit. He has an ipod jack in his vehicle and an ipod base station in the office. Yes, we do rocketh out at worketh, once in a while. I like the way he sings "Highway to Hell" better than I do. And he's not a trained singer and could care less about what we discuss here. What I do notice is that he has good pitch perception and control. He may not sound like Pavarotti or Boerling, but he will be on pitch.

And Adele is a good singer and she sings good songs that people want to hear. I know, I could gripe that not enough people would be excited by a re-release of Led Zeppelin III. But what are you going to do?

People want Adele, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Lil Wayne. That's just the way it goes. The same public that made "Macarena" a phenomenon.

Then, again, I could rattle several examples of people doing things that I may not see the wisdom in. Which doesn't make me right, just confused.

C'est la Vie.

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