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Singing softly but still keeping connected

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I know I tend to squeeze and shout so I'm looking into things to keep the volume back whilst staying connected.

I know holding the breath will help and crying a lot more, but I naturally cry so it's proving difficult.

Had a session with the great guy that is Daniel Formica and did a few exercises that has really helped.

Been trying to sing mum, nuh but I either clamp up and squeeze or disconnect. I know nothing is going to happen over night.

I might upload a few things of the sound I CAN create but is rather squeezed. I've tried to lower the larynx but feel I'm doing so in vain.

(Sorry Dan if you're reading this, you said you didn't want to see any more of these haha)

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d, for some singers (including myself) it is a challenge and a half to sing light and connected. you need to practise exercises that reduce gripping.

also, it would help to build some strength in the head voice musculature, the muscles that hold the folds together while they are taut.

head voice slides (i've mentioned this before) are extremely helpful.

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Well man, to sing high and to control the dynamics there, you basicly need your voice to be working well on that register, resonance, and all. Im gonna send a video about resonance registration and focus, take a look later but I dont think it will add so much to what you already know.

Still man, stick to the exercises Daniel issued you. I am positive that he is attacking right on the problematic part, and you will need it correct before thinking about this. Just nail it, and it will probably improve the overall condition of everything, it may actually result in what you need right away depending on what it is.

There isnt a "how to do", rather its a consequence.

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