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Robert Lunte-TVS (The Vocalist Studio)

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I had my second lesson with Robert Lunte at TVS (The Vocalist Studio). It kicked absolute ass! I love the way Rob works and how passionate and tough he is. I need that cuz I tend to be a slacker. ;) While the other method I used to study was training me for maybe a 3K Run, Robert is training me for the Olympics. He IS the real deal! Bridge and Connect. :) -Denis

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Totally agree with you! Ijust had one lesson ( and the second is not so far...) and he helped me so much. I already have singing lessons in the past and in just one hour online he has teach me really how to work on my voice and how to get rid of my bad habits ( too much belting, too much high chest..).

Now i realize that all the teachers i had gave me wrong advices and now it's gonna take time to get rod off my bad habits.

Thanxs a lot for that lesson Robert!!! You rock!!!!!!

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