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What is curbing and how do you apply it ?

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I'd like to know what this technique is and how to use it.

I've done a little bit of research about it and the only thing I could find about that was someone who told to hold it all back. I'm a bit confused about this. Does this mean that you have to squeeze your throat, which hurts after doing that for a little while ? can someone help me out ?

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Curbing is something I heard used by the CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) guys. It is basically adding a cry to the sound. You have to hold back and add cry.

Few extracts from the CVT book on curbing:

Inhale and make a slight sound while suddenly

holding your breath; or cough and feel a small

'hold' just prior to the cough

Imagine lifting something heavy. Notice how

you prepare inside the larynx BEFORE the lift.

Maintain this feeling and start on the note with

a simultaneous attack

Imagine that you are speaking while you are

crying. Feel the 'hold' and listen to how plaintive

Curbing sounds

The 'hold' is merely a tool to find and maintain

the mode. Once you have practised Curbing suf¬

ficiently to control the mode it is no longer neces¬

sary to establish it beforehand. It should have

been worked in as a natural part of the mode.

Curbing is regarded by many as the most difficult mode. There's a few certain vowels that are required to keep the curbed sound. Start practising O (as in woman) and I (as in sit), then EE (as in see), U (as in you) and A (as in and), and OE (as in herb).

That's as much as I'll quote. You are better off getting the book and the CD it has a few exercises and describes it in better context. It is very hard to master. You have to retain the curbed sound and lower the volume.

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