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Not warming up

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That depends on how you warmup and how your technique is working. High level singing without warmup will result in one or two songs where, instead of singing you will be doing a live warmup, with a lot of potential for tensions and strain.

But if done incorrectly, meanning anything without a specific purpose or goal, or with tensions, its best to actually not do it.

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I have to agree with Felipe, at least somewhat. It's okay if your coordination is a matter of habit, if you have trained the ability to adjust, on the fly, as I have been doing. It has been more important for me than just scales over and over again. Because it's not how much you sing or what you sing (scales and/or songs,) it's how you sing.

I used to wonder what Felipe meant by all the "ajustments." But I think it was his way of saying pay attention to what you are doing and adjust as necessary. You don't just lock and load into one configuration. And that is certainly something I do, whenever I do anything.

But there are days when even the shortest warm-up is advisable. Whether one set of scales or simply singing one song light and with low volume. This is to make sure that your note placement is good. Next song, bring it on.

And there are different viewpoints, too. It is often noted that classical training and pop singing are not the same or have the same goal as pop singing. And for some, there is no getting around at least 30 minutes of scales. But for me, exercises are about learning a technique. They are a tool, not a destination. At some point, take the training wheels off.

However, some singing just requires a lot of warm-up for some. For example, singer John Bush. He uses such massive distortion and he cannot do that from a cold shot. He has to warm up with his tape of exercises a full 30 or 40 minutes before showtime or a recording session. Now, if he were to sing legit, like a choir, he might only need a few minutes to make sure his breathing is in place.

When your body has learned the techniques that you need, you progress quicker to the destination. I am reminded of watching advanced belts in Karate work-out. They go through a few basics for a few minutes, and then on to their goals for the day. They do not go through the same hour long basics routine of an absolute beginner. Same difference.

For example, Felipe has a thread on how to record with minimal equipment. During the first video, he sings part of a Journey song in the original key, a capella, on pitch, without some extensive on-air warm-up. Because his technique is accomplished and he applies to singing as well as whatever practice he may do. In fact, I would venture to say that he probably did not "practice" just before the video. The practice was some other time in the day so that the right habits are there, including attention to what you are doing in the moment, so that bits of singing are nothing but an extension of what was learned in training.

Just remember, if you have a problem, go back to training, don't bull your way through something. Might does not always make right.

And sometimes, it's okay to just practice. As long as you pay attention to what you are doing.

Personally, I spend more time singing that doing scales. But I may take a technique and practice it with a song, rather than scales. Because singing is the end goal. And singing has rhythm, articulation, and emotion and intention in it, rather than semi-occluded vowels up and down endless scales.

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Also, during the day, I may work on bits of technique not placed in a song. Through out the day. So, by the time I actually sing a song, am I or am I not warmed up? For some, they need the specific "warm-up" time before each bout of singing.

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