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Struggling With Mix (w/ sample)

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Step away from the word "register."

Become one with the twang. It sounded like you were shaky in the beginning and got more solid near the end. Really cool, song, too.

The ole twanger and a slight shading of the vowel to something that is easier for you will bring in a ring that gives you enough volume and then you can quit pushing ineffectively. I say that because I know others like the idea of pushing. But I would say, push effectively. You can push against a car that has the parking brake on. You can push on car that has the parking brake off. The second example will result in more effective pushing.

So, re-visiting twang and a vowel sound that fits in that formant you will create results in more effective pushing. You will be taking the brake off, which makes things easier. And yes, I know, "easier" can be a dirty word around here. But I think the profanity of "easier" will be allowed.

I am twang, twang is me ...

"When you can twang through the passaggio, then you may leave the temple." in my lousy imitation of Master Poh from "Kung Fu."

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