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Singing Too high... Please Help

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Hi, I only have this problem when I sing high notes, but for some reason I sing an octave above the actual note (making it harder to sing) whenever I sing high and if I try to bring it down I end up an octave below? This mainly happens when belting or singing flasetto.

Can anyone help please?

Thanks :)

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I have to agree with Felipe. First off, we need to hear a sample of what you are talking about, words don't cut it.

Secondly, it's difficult to diagnose and instruct just through text, or even through recording depending on equipment, recording strategy, etc.

In which case, someone who can be in the same room with you will hear and see things that we cannot.

More than likely, what you are trying to sing is in your passaggio, which you probably have not ironed out. So you go high into your falsetto or down into your low range.

I see a lot of practice ahead of you. Practice time that can be shortened by having someone with a good ear listen to you and watch how you breath, where your tension is, all that stuff.

Good luck and may the Force be with you, always.

And have some patience for Felipe's expressions. :)

His first language is Portuguese, not English. By orientation, I think he means perspective, desired end goal, being oriented toward a good sound.

And have patience with me, too. English is my first language and I still have typing errors.

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although everyone is right about needing to hear you, if i could just venture a guess by what you describe it might simply be that you lose fold connection and flip into falsetto and you might be mistaking notes for tonal disparity.

like when someone yodels?

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