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Bruce Dickinson - Excellent Larynx Dampening Example!

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Robert Lunte

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Mistral music. I likee. Then, again, I've liked what Ritchie Blackmore has done in Blackmore's Night and have that album.

I remember reading in the history of Iron Maiden how it was often Bruce that would try to steer the band in an acoustic direction, coming up against the mighty, galloping Steve Harris. And it makes sense. The voice is an acoustic instrument, better suited to piano and guitar. And fights for clarity in the din of amplified electrical and electronic instruments.

This makes me think of what Jethro Tull could do if Ian Anderson had more than one octave. (And I likes me some Jethro Tull, too. I even covered "Locomotive Breath." Why? Because I needed to do so. :) )

But I confess that even with your thread title, I was not paying attention to Bruce's technique. Just listening to the story he was telling.

Thanks for sharing this, Robert.

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i like to call them "uh" singers....."uh" and a myriad of shades are very apparent whern you listen intently.


since no one seems to hate me yet for my lou gramm fetish.....lol!!!!, the use of "uh" shading and just how intense you can get with it is so noticible in this song.

i hear the voice actually slotting into a specific channel (formant? i don't know) but "uh" is in so much of this ...

that's the power of head voice!!!


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Well, Bob, "hate" is not the right word. :lol:

I am also a fan of Foreigner. I should take a pic of my car so that you can see that I really do have the 3 (as in three) cd set of their greatest hits. Once, on one of those VH1 specials, Vinnie from Pantera describe Lou as having such a nimble set of pipes. Amen, brother. Pantera, by the way, is from Dallas, Texas. I just thought I should remind everyone ... :P

(side note, I remember Pantera from before "Cowboys from Hell." They had a song that could not get radio play because of the title and I cannot repeat it here without using profanity.)

Anyway, maybe my hearing is wrong but I hear more eh in what Lou is doing in this song than on others. To me, I hear more uh from him on the song, "Urgent."

At least from my cowboy from hell perspective.

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true my brother......there are shades of both.

that is one hell of a vocal......i'd i love to hear that live.

but you can hear I'm gonna play with "fiyuh" and not get "buhnd"

"wuhnduh" all of it sends the voice up into a "channel" is the best way i can describe it.

a "channel" with a release to it.....

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