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Stand by me - Ben E. King cover

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Good effort, M. I love your guitar playing. And the guitar break sounds something like I would do, only better. :)

First time you sing "darling, darling" you are hanging too low. The way you did it the second time was much better, starting from a lighter intonation. Keep that lighter intonation.

Pronunciation. The song is sung by an american. When we say mountain, it sounds like "mount-in." Rather than mount- ayhn. Just remember that americans are quite lazy in pronunciation of English. :lol:

Abosolutely wise decision to key this song lower than the original and I really enjoyed your low notes. They add a dimension that adds romanticism that is not present in the original. You have created a totally valid version by lowering it.

Overall perception, totally romantic, right in your sweet spot. I could really imagine slow-dancing with my wife while you sing this. And then, after the song, the romantic evening continues and the description of that stops here ....

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