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Can a lost falsetto be regained

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Many years ago, I played and sang professionally in a rock band. Then, for a few decades, I had hung up my guitar, and just singing for friends with my accoustic. Now, I am back with a band and writing and singing. However, back in the day, I could hit a high D with my falsetto... sounded great. But now, it is barely there, inconsistent, and not nearly as high.

Is this a case of use it or lose it? Or can I regain a lost falsetto. If so, where to I go to make that happen. Thanks

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Assuming that your vocal health is 100%, yes, should not be a problem.

The best course of action is checking with an ENT if your vocal health is ok, since you used your voice a lot in the past, and then, teacher + trainning. The forum is hosted by a program and there are some teachers around.

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You said "...really notes..." Did you mean "really high notes"? Still looking for an answer to my question. Thanks

I meant, "really high notes."

Evidently, I didn't answer you. So, keep looking, I guess.

And you didn't answer my question. Is high D that you are referring to a D5?

You want an answer, give a little more information, if you would, please.


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