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Dipthongs : Cool Chart and Audio to Show you Dipthongs

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Robert Lunte

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One of my students found this... very cool and useful.

Enjoy, TMV Forum Vocal Athletes of Goblet Power!!!


And here is a cool video on dipthongs I found just for the fun of it.

Ok Robert, why is this important? Well, in singing English, you will often need a command of certain dipthongs in order to reduce constriction, bridge earlier and articulate vowels when extreme singing in the head voice. These dipthongs are part of the answer to, "Hey Robert, I can twang in the head voice on the sirens and TVS workouts, but how do I maintain that compression and fold closure when singing songs?!"... a very popular question... yes, once you begin throwing consonants and lyrics into your phonations, they become more difficult...

For the most part in my training at TVS... we have to learn to stop singing closed vowels (oo & ee) in the belts... when you sing a closed vowel in the high chest voice, belts and in and around the Passagio, you will trigger the constrictors and get chokey!... if your ever singing high in your chest voice and it keeps getting chokey... take a close look at the vowel your singing... is it an "ee" or an "oo"? If so, that is likely the reason why your constricting... so how do we fix this? You learn to sing dipthongs and you have to understand the open vowel cousin to the closed vowel that is giving you trouble.

"ee" - open vowel cousin = "A"

"oo" - open vowel cousin = "Ah"

In the belts and around the Passagio, sing an "ee" vowel as an "A-ee" and sing a "oo" vowel as an "Ah-oo".

Hope this helps... I look forward to hearing all your input on this, especially our vowel guru, Maestro Fraser.



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