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Top ENT's for Singers in Seattle

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Hello All,

I really need to get checked out by an ENT for some breathing and sinus issues that I have had for years. They just seem to be getting worse and it's affecting other aspects of my voice and singing. I would prefer a doctor who would avoid surgery at all cost if possible. Any referrals??

I really appreciate it!


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Seek out the advice of Joanna Cazden, a member here and expert in vocal health and rehab.

Also, look up our admin Videohere (we call him Bob) for he has had to go through rehab to recover from a polyp on his vocal fold.

Bob lives in New York, so if you are in that area, he might have some specific names to offer. However, Mrs. Cazden also an extensive knowledge and ability to find specialists in your area. For you are wanting an ENT that helps singers, not just citizens who want to be able to carry on a conversation with someone.

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I just realized that your post mentioned the Seattle area. So, Bob can still be a help, as a singer to another.

However, you are also in luck. The benefactor of our forum, Robert Lunte, who is also author of the singing system, 4 Pillars, is based in the Seattle area. There's only about 3 or 4 ways to contact him. Look up any post of his. respond in a thread to him. Call the phone number he posts. click on the email link under his avatar. Or use the email link in his signature on posts.

For he is likely to know ENT specialists who help singers in the Seattle area.

That might help you even more than the previous advice I offered.

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