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words to eliminate from your vocabulary

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words or phrases to eliminate from the vocabulary or one's dialog with yourself.

I'm not good enough.

I can't sing (name whatever song) well enough to suit myself. So, ergo, I must be crap.

I'll start off my song submission with all the reasons this is lousy so that my feelings are not hurt in case someone pans it. Then, I'll go ahead and get defensive about it.

I will start with humility, real or imagined, preferring to think of myself as nothing more than vomit only to be pleasantly surprised when it's "okay." (how can you see anything with a dark view like that?)

(the converse) I am God's gift to singing. Behold my majesty.

Probably the most important thing to eliminate from vocabulary or thought process;

I am finished. There is no more for me to learn about singing.

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Felipe is right lol!! When you sing none of these words matter! Head voice, chest voice, pharyngeal voice, sob mode, twang mode, quack mode...


I would say eliminate all registral words from your vocabulary... if you really believe that chest voice is a thing and head voice is another thing bridging will be 10x harder.

Just BELIEVING that you have one voice will increase the rate of development. It still may take months or years for the voice to start believing it... BUT singing is 50% mental. Regardless of how corny it sounds sometimes you just have to sweet-talk your voice into believing it can do more :lol:

I forbid myself to think about head voice/chest voice when singing. Only one connected voice. Only the note, the vowel, the tone... let nothing else get in the way of the note.

Believing is the first step.

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