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New Here. 2 questions. Paul Rodgers content.

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I'm new here, i'm a male. The Sugar is short for Sugar Shane. :)

What is a good series of videos on youtube to watch? I want to sing mostly old school style rock/folk/a little soul/blues rock.

How the heck does Paul Rodgers sing that awesome. I'm really curious how he sings in chest voice with the little bit of gritty-ness on the chorus of Feel Like Makin Love.


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i am a huge paul rodgers fan.

some of it is natural endowment. but he has some serious tone. dan and i were just talking about him yesterday.

he has this lazy, sexy, bluesey thing going on. if you like paul rodgers you're sure to like early lou gramm.

check out my latest "bob's magic moments" post.

rodgers just keeps getting better year after year.

his songs are challenging. here's a great one for you:

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According to this interview (1996) Paul Rogers had no vocal training. Interesting enough he mentions the Blues and phrasing based on "question and answer" which is something I picked up from playing Blues harmonica.

Also interesting is how he mentions his influence. Otis Redding and Blues. And he also mentions Ray Charles. Ahhh yes, me and Paul have allot in common.

C'mon now.....you all know I sound like him :D



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I am so glad our world has a singer like Paul Rogers in it. It's far too common to hear of tragic downfalls in the music business, but he is of the few who has been the complete antithesis. He just gets better and better.

He's nothing but a true inspiration, and has made me less fearful about getting older.

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I saw Paul Rogers recently on "That Metal Show" and they were remarking how, unlike a lot of singers getting closer to 60, he still has the same voice and the same sound. He credits cleaning up his life with that. For him, it involved quitting cigarettes, overuse of alcohol, use of other substances that while they may not affect the vocal folds, they do affect your judgement.

Essentially, cut out the party and started getting rest. And sticking with how he knows his voice works.

It was a pivotal point where he asked himself, are you a singer or a party guy? He chose the former, wisely and to our benefit, as well as his.

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