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at last I see results!!!

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This one if for Maestro Rob.

For the first time in my life I was able to sing a G5 using the Bridge and Connect exercise on the four pillars of singing 2.5. What a strange feeling. And the best thing, its most definitely not fasletto. It sounds more like the border between a regular note to sounding like a whistle. My highest note before I began the four pillars was an E5 that's a tone and a half increase in range. It felt easy, not even strained. My throat doesn't even hurt now. Did an hour of really intense work out. I must confess that, yes I got the program 3 months ago, but I havent been really doing it regularly. I have had a month off, and now came back and within less than a week this happens. Excited to embark on this new journey! Hopefully this wasn't a one time thing.

Thanks ROB! :cool:

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I like threads like this.

And yes, 4 Pillars is a good system and Robert is a good teacher. But any learning is also dependent on the student.

This is what happens when you learn and apply what you have learned.

All we need is some sound samples of this new awesomeness. You guys are singing in my range and that is so cool.

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This is great to read... Im really proud of the specialized onsets, they seem to be breaking through for everyone. As a coach on these onsets, I'm beginning to really get to know them better too, when to deploy them, ... able to hear what onset is best for the students condition at any given time...

I continue to be floored by the results of the new "dampen & release" onset, the 7th and latest onset. Its just hitting home runs everywhere I share it, including on my own voice. The dampen & release onset, with good appoggio principles is transforming the musculature of my voice to be incredibly boomy and stable.

I know what Owen and Gil are talking about. I have had the same experiences, where I have been working on this 'dampen & release' onset and 'pulling' the up to E5s and I don't even know it? I think Im at a G# or A because its still so beefy... I look to the keyboard and discover Im already up to a C5 of E5... these notes no longer sound like Heavy Metal screams if I don't want them to... they sound more like beefy belts... its just great... Im really excited about how its working for everyone.

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For me it's really about the middle range. I had the chesty belts up to D4 and the screams from B4 to A5. What I am still lacking is the smooth transition on the range in between them. The "mixing" of those modes.

That said, I would also be interested in how the Dampen & Release onset works exactly.

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