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a little story on Gabe and Helforstout

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Vocalist Dad

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Just remember us little guys when you go to Hollywood.

That was so cool to finally have a rock singer as opposed to the endless r&b and country singers that usually try out for the show.

I snickered when he mentioned his idea of soft was "We All Die Young." Well, yeah, soft on the verses, rip your hide off on the chorus. I knew what was coming. (Hey, I've seen "Rockstar" too many times, as well as a live vid of Steelheart doing the song.)

I don't know how far he is going to get because the show is a machine and they will put him in genres outside of his favorite, though if he can do the Brian Johnson thing regardless, and WIN, that would be cool, too.

Blessings to him and the band. Awesome Zep covers.

And blessings to you for being a father who gets it, supports it. My family never said I could not sing. They all sang. It just wasn't anything to make a career out of. So, I became an electrician.

But he's young and strong, able to go the distance you need to get somewhere before he can slow down and settle down.

Definitely go for the brass ring, now, where that ring is hanging.

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yea, thats to bad, I really liked him as well. I suppose if you have a shot at auditioning for the judges, you might say some things that are a little stretch of the truth. Maybe he was just caught up in the moment. He seemed like a nice enough fellow and he sure had a little cutie pie with him.

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The guy with the military experience. Initially, from his first interview, they surmised that he was injured in action.

I have read the actual story. He was taking some medication and then drank some acohol and it interacted badly and he was medivac'd to a hospital and then released on a medical discharge. So, yeah, he was over there but was not injured in active combat.

But anyone who has suffered while in military service deserves some respect.

People in my family and friends have served, everything from mess division to special forces and military intelligence.

It's all important.

Anyway, with that guy, there might be mental issues, though it has not been determined whether that was an existing conditoin or a result of trauma from military service.

Is that clear as mud for everyone?


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Very cool.

I remember in the other thread there was mention of his odds being potentially lower due to not having a dramatic story to sell. (which is a very valid point)

However, he just might have the "wow, I didn't expect that voice from that guy" factor working in his favor.

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Well, just the fact that he got to the televised audition says a lot. There's usually prior audition in front of producers. That's a where number of people get rejected. My favorite story about that is Colby Calais, the lady who wrote and recorded "Bubbly." She was initially rejected at tthe producer's interview. She didn't have any drama or incredible backstory. She just knew how to sing and write songs, something they were not looking for. They were looking for someone that Simon Cowell could shred on broadcast.

Another thing in Gabe's favor. Even though the judges admire the power of his voice, it's not their style, so, he will not be their favorite and that will work in his favor. Because often, the audience vote contradicts the judge's vote. Which means Gabe has to do it old school, like he has already been doing, winning the audience over, not some judges who 3/4 of which are in the R& B field.

You know, vocalist dad, I think a better audition number would have been a heavy metal version of "I Can't Go For That" by Hall & Oates. A song they would know in a fresh new light.

or, my favorite H&O song, "Rich Girl."

"Cause your a rich girl / and you've gone too far / and you know it don't matter anyway/

You can rely on the old man's money, you can rely on the old man's money ...."

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Ron, I can't say a whole lot about song selection in the AI process but the song Gabe sang in front of the 4 judges is not the same song he sang at the small town bus tour when they came through Iowa City. But you are right, sometimes you have to take a chance and sing something outside the box. This week is the Hollywood week auditions for the boys and next week it is the girls turn. One thing is for certain, none of the contestants are told if they will be aired. It is a surprise to them as well.


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Well, then, it really is a show. Sometimes, on youtube, I will see compilations of auditions. And of course, the ones that are accepted do make it to air. I think there are a number of rejections that do not make it to air. Unless there is entertainment value in it. And it is entertainment.

Seeing your son reminds of the Capitol One commercials with the saxons. I can see your son being a saxon, no matter what he does. Leaving no mic unstomped. Leaving no ear not bleeding from the "Destruction Area" like volume (that's from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series. Destruction Area was a band that was so loud, they had to set up the amps and cabinets on a planet and play by remote from orbit.)

More than likely, they will try and trip him up with a night where the contestants have to do a country song and not just because Keith Urban is one of the judges. But to take the singers out of their comfort zone. A theoretical conditions of combat that would not exist in the general playlist of Helfourstout. Like the reality shows where they make you eat bugs to survive when there is a perfectly delicious deer nearby that could be harvested.

They're going to try and take him away from where he is strongest, thinking that exposing a weakness (translates as a style to which he is unaccustomed and has no interest in) is going to determine whether he has idol potential, or not. It's christians being introduced to lions. Then, again, being a judge's favorite does not guarantee winning. Adam Lambert was the judge's favorite and did not win. And has had a bigger career, so far, than the guy that did win. Shoot, Lambert has actually sang a few real world gigs with Queen.

So, that's another thing in Gabe's favor. Being not the judges' favorite is not always the kiss of death.

Long and short of it, just the exposure and the contacts will, I think, help break Helfourstout to something bigger than Iowa or the vocalist forum.

Good luck is something that happens to those who are prepared for opportunity.

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Well, my insight has limited value. Just an opinionated redneck who has watched a few seasons of AI. An unhealthy obsession with useless trivia.

More than likely, you and I are close in age and there ain't no one looking for a middle-aged guy that sings like its still the 1970's.

But I can live vicariously through the exploits of others younger than I am.

"Livin the life I was born to live ..../ Giving it all I've got to give ....."

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I think you are right Ron, 30 years ago, I could see you unloading a trailer full of gear and rockin hard. I would have just been driving the truck and trailer to the gig. Wait, that's all I do now. :D


Yeah, a tour for me know would include a rider for Ibuprofen (for my bad back) and a knee brace for the left knee. Sunglasses that are actually bifocals.

Some Ginko Biloba for brain function to help me remember the lyrics.

A case of Diet Coke (some bad habits I will not give up.)

And if it's a morning gig, at least one pot of coffee to myself.

See Ron on the "The 70's called, they want their music back" Tour, coming to a town near you on a handi-ride bus..

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