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a benefit from support overlooked

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a couple of folks emailed me asking me why i'm such a support addict.

here's another benefit of support and breath management we might have overlooked or not even realized

and that is......support (breath management) enables tuning tries.

meaning, if you are supporting well, and let's say you're doing a basic scale, you can head up the scale, stop on a note, hold it up there for 5-15 seconds and just experiment with your vowels to arrive at the most efficient/resonant placement and get a sense of that position before you head back down the scale.

your management of the breath bought you time...time to do a scale really slowly, time to really feel and aquaint yourself with the sensations as you, for example, head towards the next note you're after.

this way you've added another dimension to your training...you're not just going up the scale, with no intent or focus just touching on the top note before heading down but really "exploring" the top note, or any of the notes on the way up for that matter.

if your breath management is sub par, your exercising (and singing) will be labored and you'll not have the reserve capacity to slow things down or speed them up, or run a scale several times on one breath.

and with that little sermon, here's a perfect example of a song i used to do when i was younger which really called for some serious breath management.


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