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Gangnam Style - Best Youtube cover?

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What do you think is the best cover of Gangnam Style on Youtube right now?

Right now, I'm torn between these choices:

Pentatonix (winners of NBC's "Sing-Off" 3rd Season)

I like how she made it in her own style and it fit her voice well

Most famous for their covers of "Officially Missing You" and "Price Tag".

In fact, their cover of "Officially Missing You" has more views than the official music video!

Just a guitar cover. But he's very famous on Youtube for his guitar covers.

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Checked wikipedia. the music is not all that groundbreaking. It seems the video concept and the dance moves are the real thing. Yet in the videos self-described as gangnam style, they are not dancing. It would like me saying I am heavy metal while wearing a costume from the Village People. Or saying I am country while wearing Rob Halford's signature stage clothes.

It evidently is suppose to refer to the Gangnam district of Seoul, Korea. But the people there don't describe themselves as living Gangnam - style.

So, clear as mud ....

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I think I am starting to get it, maybe. It's like if everyone decided to do their own interpretation and cover of "macarena." Only, in this case, it is the song "Gangnam Style."

I liked them all, including the heavy metal version.

I could probably do a cover of this, though it would probably sound like an Led Zeppelin out-take.


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