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Is it time to give up on singing if I can't afford a vocal coach?

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I'm not speaking from your perspective, but I can speak from a "I want to give up" perspective. I'm 13 years old so no instant success, generally I don't like it. I was told (numerous times for me to get it) that I have to practice. Was not liking it so I thought "ehh I'll stop." My biggest role model, my Grandfather, died a few weeks later. That made me want to give up on everything. First off, I'm a middle class family (a bit better because my grandfather was fairly wealthy). And it wasn't unexpected so I had been preparing for several weeks. But one thing he left me was that where there's a will there's a way. My Grandfather grew up picking cotton with Mexican immigrants because he was poor. He retired a recipient of the lifetime achievement award in 3 states. No matter how desperate or hopeless a situation is, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. For me it was a B- in French (I wasn't asking for much;) ) and for you it might be becoming a good singer. Patience, determination, and the Internet will see you through.

P.S: Don't listen to little siblings, as one I know our job is to give the older siblings hell.

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