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Correct EE Position

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Hey all, what is the correct mouth and tongue position for the vowel ee? I find that I used to not open the mouth too much for "ee" but now opening it more is helpful since I can apply the resonance to vowels considered more open. Is it normal for my tongue to be slightly raised for the pronunciation of this vowel? How much should I drop my jaw?

Since I am a native english speaker I fear I may not be correctly shaping and pronouncing the "ee" vowel. What are some things I can do to make sure my EE vowel is produced correctly, free of tension, and extremely resonant... especially in the upper and middle voice.

Thanks in advance.

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when you produce an "ee" it's important to avoid widening the mouth such as you might do to smile.

one of the best ways to produce an "ee" is from the position you use to produce "ah." (as in "hot."). in fact, just do an exercise where you switch between "ah" and "ee" without any movement in the jaw. keep the tongue behind the lower front teeth. you should be able to produce those vowels with nothing but an arch to the tongue and a slight throat shape change.

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