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Understanding Breath Support

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Simon T8W

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Hello guys, I can't seen to grasp the breath support thing and it's really frustrating!!! I do my exercises with a lot of strain (on KTVA program now) and this is an example (https://www.box.com/s/vjgz88wjui5ysefqmw3v) where I'm trying the EE vowel. there was a lot of tension in my throat and I infact lost my voice for a day/2... So I want to know guys, how could you possible describe this so I can get this concept??!!

P.S:- Simply change the file format to .mp3 to be able to listen to the audio

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Simon there is little to understand, its practical application. There are threads around with explanations of the concept but it wont help you.

Understandment will come through carefull trainning from the ground, not trying to do everything together. Can you inhale low everytime without having to concentrate on breathing?

Id begin from there and then time inhale exhale without letting the muscles collapse or the coordination change.

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