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How can this sound be done?

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In this killer QUEEN song, The legendary Freddie sings. "is this the world we created, we made it on our own" then he sings in the same melody "is this the world we invaded!"

How the heck does he give that rasp in invaded. It gives it so much more meaning. I'd love to know how to initiate this effect if possible at all.

Starts at 1:08


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You've got to direct the sound towards your gall bladder and swallow your big toe.

Seriously though, to me it sounds like regular (false fold) distortion (I think the underlying mode is edge). There are lots of threads on that here but one way to find it is to twang a lot until the distortion happens. Use a lot of support and energy and just try to imitate the sound (a lower pitch is probably easier to start with). If it feels uncomfortable it's not right, take a break or try something different.

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