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Question for Felipe

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Hey man, you can leave it around if you want.

Well for starters its actually singing on the beat, or if not doing so as a choice and not because of a problem to keep up to the rhythm.

And, the more tricky part. The ajustment of emission depends that your intention is compatible to what you want to produce, and that support connects.

The last part, support connection, means that from the inhaling to the end of the production of the phrase, the coordination is fluid and uniform. The start of the note must be on time with the beat, with the end of the inhaling and at the exact moment you start applying air to produce sound.

Sounds complicated but its just a matter of trainning with a metronome and improving it slowly.

As a result everything gets locked to the beat and you dont have to worry about timing, as well as it is much more comfortable. This eliminates a pressed or breathy attack, since the intention to phonate, the release of air and support counter pressure happen simultaneously.

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I always thought they were two different words because they would both be used in the same post.

English is a crazy language anyway. No wonder we keep getting ourselves confused. Especially when someone like me keeps using slang and phrases from the 70's eastcoast America.

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Thanks, Felipe. Believe it or not, my question was legit. I know that English is a second language for you. It's my first language and I still make typos, trying to type as fast as I think.

What, a redneck thinks fast? Yeah, sometimes.


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