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The Tortoise and the Hare

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Currently working getting rid of this grip in my voice. Starting to see results, slowly. Finding I need to add more support, my voice feels weaker, more vulnerable, sounds crazy right? But it makes me realize that I should be adding more support in this area or adding more breath and easing in a certain area.

So, Miguel is an amazing singer and even though I know his voice is a lot lighter than mine, I know I can sing in this range nice and light. Any ideas on how I should be approaching this type of sound?

Let my love adorn you

G4 G4 F#4 E4 F#4

He spends most of the time in this range, mainly D4.

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I can kinda see what you mean.

Found these 2 other videos of it.

Without singing it I think I know where and what it should be and sound.

- Up near the soft palate, resonating at the back.

- Rather than a PURE HEADY TONE or a THICK CHESTY MIX. It should be much more light chest, slightly breathy? Maybe slightly held back. Something I've been working on with Dan.

I know full well I should be working from the round up which I am. I haven't sung a above F4 since Sunday. Feels like I have to re-work my voice to get rid of the gripping and pulling and reinstate support. Arytenoid activity.

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D.Star, he is just singing. Its not what he is doing that is important, what is important is that his voice is conditioned enough to do what he wants.

I dont see anything from another world in it, its pleasant to listen, but really not a super difficult virtuose phrasing. Short phrases, not exagerated, simple and effective.

Sending it back will not do it, supporting more or less will not do it, compression, twang whatever, all these are tools that you need to use to train and, once you have a solid technique, you will be able to do the same, just sing how you want it to be.

Follow Dan´s instruction to the letter. Light, heavy, lean or not, what Miguel does works for him and him alone, what will work for you will be different. If you follow the trainning well, very shortly, although in tortoise steps, you will not have to do anything, just to sing it.

GL. Nail one of these songs down and send it over :).

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Hey guys, finally back to good health after a 5 day case of a noro virus.

Severe sickness and era well you get the picture.

I think this 5 day off from singing as well as recovering has helped my voice a lot. My voice feels a lot lighter for some reason. I'm able to sing lighter, quieter and slightly a little higher with no strain. No idea why this has happened. I feel I don't need to warm up my voice to sing light like I used to. Maybe this is just a temporary thing and will end up going away.

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