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Are these Techniques Correct?

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1 - Shape in which way?

2 - Relaxed and curved how?

3 - Deep breath how? Flex your abs in which way?

Its too vague... If you want to, send over a sample, singing a song if possible, and we will let you know if there are problems. Solutions unfortunately are much harder to hand out, obvious things maybe but no magical fix Im afraid.

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Don't shape the words, sing on the vowel. Use brief articulation to "pronounce" the words.

Think too much about the tongue and you will tie yourself in knots.

Breathe. form an "Aw" for intake and relax the belly. This will draw in all the air that you will ever need.

Control the exhale when singing.

Ron's redneck 3-step method to singing.

Thankyouverymuch .....

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