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First Voice Lesson! What to Expect?

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I have to agree with Felipe, actually.

Face your fears and trace the years, your soul will be set free to fly ...

Sorry, channeling some Geoff, there.

The question should be, which should be addressed by your teacher, is what about ah on a 5 scale is wrong for you? More than likely, it's not just that vowel but some underlying problem, either breath support or, just as likely, how you "think" ah should sound.

And here is the ultimate challenge, When the teacher corrects your misconception, you have to listen and trust him. And that is harder than the actual vocalise. Because that means ignoring your own misconceptions. And that is mental. So, learning from a singing teacher is mental.

Good luck, and may the Force be with you, always.

("Darn it, those were the droids I was looking for!")

sorry, having a star wars moment there.

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Thanks, Owen. I have a good moment, now and then.

For example, you have such a great zeal from what you are learning from Lunte in your skype lessons. But would should also be noted, is that you have opened your mind and accepted that there could be some things you need to learn. And that is mental. And it can be harder to accept the need to be open than to do the actual exercises.

So, all this time of me saying that singing is mental is not just a lazy excuse to say that you can "think" yourself to better singing. Far from it. You've got to have focus, you have to mentally challenge yourself, everyday, so that whatever you are doing, exercises, scales, or song rehearsal is a step forward.

And it starts with a thought.

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