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Baltimore Maryland rock n roll singer, need a little help

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Hows it goin? my names travis and i blow my voice out. a lot. i joined a band about 2 years ago as the vocalist with no prior experience of singing. lucky for me, i picked up on it pretty quickly (for the most part). i've been playing guitar for years and that really helped me get an understanding of how melodies and harmonies work. i am a songwriter above all else. anyways, with my style of singing i tend to blow my voice out. i'd say i'm a baritone, but i really want to be able to hit some high notes. whenever i reach for the sky, i get those painful vocal problems. when i stay within my range i can own it pretty well. what im trying to get at is, even though i naturally cant seem to hit these high notes, does that mean its hopeless and i should stay within my comfortable range? i really want to be a brilliant singer, and nothing short of it. i really really reallllllyyy want to extend my range and i work at it but i just cant seem to make much progress.

here is a song i recorded at a friends house. it was a one take vocal all the way through, start to finish. no melodyne, no click tracks, just a dry vocal take on top of an instrumental i wrote. i did add in some subtle harmonies which are also dry. at the end when it gets heavier, you will definitely hear me murdering my throat attempting to get a high energy rasp that is a little out of my range. i'm a little pitch and i do realize that. i'd just like some experienced singers to give me a little insight of what i'm doing wrong and how i can fix it.

songs called weird. here she goes:

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