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Tension problem

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Hi to introduce myself I'm 26 I'm originally a guitar player, over ten years, just recently trying to learn singing (the correct way). I've been able to get most of the lessons I look at but I'm finding it virtually impossible for me no matter what lesson i use to keep myself from using muscles in my throat, specifically the one at the bottom of the chin, the digastric. I'm getting so frustrated because even when I'm doing lessons like not moving your jaw , la ga la ga la ga la ga laa, etc I can still feel it tensing. It tenses when I even think about singing. I feel it tensing now just writing this message, lol. So anywho I guess my question which has probably been asked here before is has anyone else had this problem as bad as I and if so what did you do to get over it. I can sometimes do it on some lessons but only for a moment then as I keep going I feel tension and I can't stop it even concentrating on it. Thank you!

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man, that is one unique username...lol!!!

here's a great, simple way to release them....

first relax!

just do lip bubbles and try to make your nose tickle. try to feel the vibration in the nose. do simple humming and try to make your nose tickle. send the vibration behind the nose. "ng's" are good too.

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Hey 4st,

Firstly what I want you to do is:

Clean the top teeth with your tongue and continue on round to the bottom teeth, until you do one full circle with lips together. Do this 8 times one way, 8 times the other way, 4 times the other way, 4 times the other way, 8 times the other way and 8 times the other way. It may get really sore on both the last sets of 8 but keep on going. Make sure you go the full way around and don't cut corners!

This is going to show you where your tension lies and start to release it.

After you have done this go right back to basics. Just work on connecting the airflow with sound on a Ahhhh in a comfortable part of your voice. Take your attention away from the tension and just concentrate on the air flow connecting with your voice and giving it that feeling of suspension. Slowly working up and down your range.

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I suggest you check your posture and alignment. I think I've made some posts about it in the past.

That is a POSSIBLE cause of tension. If you work on singing with a process of elimination for your issues, hopefully you'll improve very quickly!

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