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Echoes - First attempt at harmonies (original piece)

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Original piece because it's only a short piece/exercise (sounds like the end, or a break), and I haven't made any other part of the song yet :P

So today I just had an idea to experiment with harmonies, and also see if I could do a better C5 than before. Still think I need more support on the C5, but I'm glad it's still there, since I haven't reached for it in so long.

And a simple 2 words just kinda popped into my head out of nowhere started that kinda evolved into this rough draft of a 80s-90s ish ambient rock type thing. Which reminds me, I want to try to make a rock cover of House Of Stone And Light soon.

There's a ton of reverb/echo on vocals here, but no other effects except slight pitch correction on the lowest voice in the background echoes (I think it's called Droning, but correct me if I'm wrong) because that's baritone territory (G2-C3) and I was off by a little, but you can barely hear that voice anyway.


I actually like how this is coming along, and because it's original I don't have another singer to try to be by default. Anyway enough talk, please let me know what you think, maybe any tips on harmonies? (is what I'm doing called harmony?)

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