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solution to a problem area in a song

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i had to share this with you just in case you've never considered this as a possible way around a difficult part in a song.

an example of a tough section for me occurs in the foreigner song, "double vision" towards the end (i've never heard lou do this section live) he sings "taking me out of my head" (it's just a small section from 2:58 to 3:03).

i've tried everything we all know to try, ...but the one thing i tried that really helped me to get it better was when i thought of breaking it up into smaller pieces.

i experimented with these breath taking scenarios:

"taking me out of my head" on one breath just wasn't working.

so i tried inserting a super fast inhale in between the words..

1. "taking me (breath) out of (breath) my head."

2. "taking me out of (breath) my head."

3. "taking me (breath) out of my (breath) head."

4. "taking me out of (breath) my head."

5. "taking me out of my (breath) head."

still playing with it to see which one is the best, but perhaps it might be a way to help you if you haven't already used this idea. it's amazing how much easier it is just dropping it a half, but i wanted to see if i can get it nice in the original key.

the quick breath helped me keep up the intensity.

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I dunno Bob, its a valid resource, not everything is a technical study, and if its just a phrase thats on the way to be able to sing it, I think Id do it too.

The example is what hits me as kinda weird, why that phrase in particular, the whole song is all up in the same area, full of things that are even higher and that requires work of registration. Wouldnt it be some other small detail getting in the way that may be easier to solve than actually splitting the phrase?

If its working up to that point I would not have the trouble of splitting.

To me its a valid resource but not really a solution, as you describe, its a way around.

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Agree felipe, however sometimes a mental barrier stops us from doing certain things, or a certain passage reminds the voice of old crappy technique and thus being harder.

Sometimes just by being able to sing it, can erase such problems however one should keep in mind when you are using a crutch.

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It sounds like he is singing 4. "taking me out of (breath) my head." But also with the the fact that he doesn't sing it live, it sounds as if that phase was added at a different time.

It's possible that Lou had trouble with it also.

Good points from all of you.

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Bob and Jens, not meant as a remark. If we dont have this kind of resource, we end up restricted and life gets way harder than it needs to be. And as you said Jens, getting down to actually sing the song is way more important than worrying about one problem phrase.

It just seemed strange, since Bob agrees too, then its all good. Strange things do appear.

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Having been here in the forum a while and knowing of Bob's admiration of Lou Gramm and the music of Foreigner, changing interpretation is just not going to be satisfactory. There will be no rest until the passage is sung just like Lou, in the original key as recorded on the album,.

Period, paragraph, new book.

A valiant quest and I think, one day, Bob will get there. It's just taking longer than a person might think.

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ron, i truly believe working on those vocals have helped my singing. i'm careful not to let lou get the best of me though...lol!!! i have found i sound better dropping a half on some.

but i'll tell you one thing.... without voice strenghtening exercises.....i would never have been able to touch that stuff.

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