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How is my voice?

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Hi guys!

Ok, so I'm a 17 year old boy, and I've been wondering something for quite some time now.. Can I sing good enough, so that I might be worth working on it? I'm a guitar player, but I tend to sing when I play in my room.

I always play loud and keep the door shut, so that no one can hear me sing. I honestly don't know how bad or good my voice is, and I thought using a forum would be a nice way to find out. You've probably gotten this questions here a lot, but anyways..

I made this video, and I did it in one shot! It's not perfect cause I had a limited time to sing. Well, my parents were going to the mall for half an hour, and that's when I'm able to sing freely! haha.. No one has EVER heard me sing, and that's why I'm wondering if I can sing or not!

Here's the video - tell me if you have any questions or want me to post another video or something. And you'll probably notice this right away when you watch the video, but I've never taken any singing lessons or anything close to that..


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Reminds me of the range and delivery of Clint Black.

Keep doing this stuff. Get over yourself and quit being afraid. You have the right tone and sound to do country. So, go and do it.

Are just looking for a boost of morale? Well, you can get it from me. I'm one of the few (you can count us on one hand and probably have one finger left) that ain't a-scared of country music.

Granted, you are young and your family may not be all that wild on you pursuing a career in country music. Because I am going to tell you, it's a long, hard road of smoky honky tonks, shady crooks, dirty vans that smell like old socks, three days on the road in the same clothes, and everything on the menu is fried at the truck stop where you stop for a shower and washing what clothes you have.

On the other side are people along the way that will help you and inspire you. One of our local Texas treasures is a guy named Shake Russell. A few decades ago, he helped an unknown guy named Clint Black write a song called "Nothing but the Taillights." And that song floated around for 10 years before winding up on an album. You're going to find people like that, too. Keep them.

It's okay if you start out having a day job. The singer from the Georgia Satellites ("I got a little money in my pocket going jing-a-ling-a-ling") mowed lawns for a living. David Byrne from the Talking Heads was an insurance underwriter. David Lee Roth cleaned his uncle's horse stalls and later, worked as a scrub nurse in a hospital before he got together with Van Halen, the first time. Even today, he is a certified New York City paramedic. Bruce Dickinson is a licensed commercial airline pilot for Australian Airways.

Sammy Hagar owns a restaurant and club (Cabo Wabo in Cabo St. Lucas.)

Geoff Tate from Queensryche owns a winery.

It's okay to have a job. But keep pursuing your music. Sooner or later, your family is going to hear you sing.

Whether they like it or not, you will eventually decide what you are going to do.

So, you are almost legally a man. So, be one. You are a singer. So be one. However you get there, be one.

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Yes. You can sing.

For being 17, shy and without any formal training, I like what I heard. I like your tone, and your voice is expressive.

Your low register is solid, but you do need to work on your higher notes and learn how to sing them and not yell them and also how to sing smoothly and not break as you go higher.

This forum has tons and tons of info and knowledgeable members and also there's lots of useful videos on YouTube to help you on your journey.

You have the raw talent, if you really want this and put in the time and work needed, you will succeed. Good luck.

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Thanks for the comments!

What I'm wondering now is how I, as an amateur, should practice to make my voice better. There are a ton of lessons and exercises out there, but I don't know what I need. I've looked it up and singing lessons here in my town cast way too much for me..

I don't exactly know what for example, arpeggio, falsetto, head voice and chest voice is. Can anyone tell me some exercises I should do? Would really appreciate it!


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Just as you found this forum, you can find all this information you're looking for online. Just do a Google or Youtube search for the stuff you wanna know and you'll find all the answers. It will take time, but read and learn as much as you can to get better understanding of the voice and how it works.

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Thanks for the comment, eggplantbren! :)

The thing is; I'm not very shy. I've just not sung infront of anyone yet, cause I didn't want to embarrass myself, in case I sounded terrible. :P Do you know of any exercises that may be good for me to do?

Thanks again!

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Tele, someone else who has a similar range as you but in a different genre is James Hetfield, from Metallica. And he warms up with the 8 tone chromatic scale. In a legitimate voice. Through his whole range.

And Bob is right. Get with the basics, as a means of ensuring longetivity. Breath management, pitch accuracy, which you have a lot of, to start. And good resonance.

As for tone, country, for example, is more forgiving of a nasal tone but there are also good country singers who don't get too nasal.

Also, as a country singer, don't be afraid to cover songs outside the genre, in your own way. One of my favorite covers is Dolly Parton doing a cover if "Heaven" by Collective Soul. Original arrangement but she used banjo and violins. Way cool.

You can do stuff like that, too. And get used to singing in front of people. It might be easier to sing in front of strangers than in front of your family. Family carries so much emotional weight.

Anyway, good luck.

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Thanks for the comments and help! :)

So, do you think my voice is good enough to be singing for a band? Me and some friends do want to make a band, but we can't find a singer. Is it time for me to step up and say "Well, I can try."? And the song I sing in the video is originally in the key of E, but I sing it in D. Does that mean that I should sing all songs that are in E (by the spesific artist) in D?

The way I found out that I should sing in D was that I didn't listen to the song for an hour or more, and then began singing without music. By doing that, I sang the song in a key that felt natural for me to sing it in. I then played some chords on the guitar and found out that I was singing in D.

The problem though, is that if I want to sing a song that I've recently heard, it won't work cause I'll begin singing in the original key. Do you have som tips and tricks on finding what key I'm supposed to sing a song in?

And do you want me to post a new video of me singing another song or something? A song that'll maybe show my repertoire?

Thanks! :)

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Yes, you can sing for the band. Happens quite often. Bruce Dickinson was a drummer in a band when that drummer quit. So, he ended up singing. Later, he went on to sing for Iron Maiden.

As for re-keying the song, I'd say, for your voice, drop 1 whole step until you are doing the song without strain. Johnny Cash's vocal line in his version of "Hurt" is about an octave below the original. And he made it work.

If D is a comfortable key for you, transpose it to that.

edited to add:

I have changed the key of a song to suit myself. It's okay to change a song to suit yourself. The pros do it all the time. They change the key and the arrangement. The idea being that the finished product and how good it sounds is, indeed, more important than the highest or lowest note you can make. Which is as it should be.

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