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Singing post Tonsillectomy and uvula trimming, any help please

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Hello everyone.

2 weeks ago I went under tonsillectomy and uvula trimming operation. Yesterday I tried to sing. I found that it is easier to sing after the tonsils were taken out but when I go to my top notes (A, A# and B) I can hear a very annoying but very small buzz disturbs the clean tone.

I wonder if this thing is permanent. I wonder if it has to do with my soft palate. Also I have a very big serious singing problem ( even before the operation) which is I cannot get to control the lifting of my soft palate no matter how I practice, tried almost every exercise for soft palate online but no results. However sometimes I can lift it right and my tune becomes so strong clear and well projected, but when I try to do it again I lose it.

Some people told me it has to do with the breath support as well as soft palate. I really wish if u can help me by giving me your opinion and advice about the buzz and soft palate and breath support.

I decided to go to vocal teacher. I will start next week cuz this week my throat and soft palate still hurt :(

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

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