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Coughing and Singing?

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Hey Guys.

I fell under an intense case of sinusitis which includes post drip. This causes me to cough constantly, and harsh.. Its been going on for a week now, and I am afraid for my cords.

Is it really this dangerous for my vocal cords?

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Dangerous in the sense of the cough alone destroying them, no.

They will swell and get very, very irritated, dont sing, wait until you are back to health again (and of course get medical treatment, sinusitis is a quite serious condition). It will take 2 weeks probably to get back to normal.

I had a crisis 2 years ago, its awfull, even my hearing was affected during it. I think that even when I got throat infection my voice was not so affected as at that time. But you will heal 100% dont worry.

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Thanks for responding Felipe.

Looking at the bright side, i can do Vocal fry noooo problem now anytime of the day.. :)

Joking aside, can it be the opposite and the amount of coughing is slowly building muscle and cord closure?

This would be an interesting thing to hear.

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I agree with Felipe.

And living in Texas, aka, Allergy Central, I have phlegm and sinus drainage at least a few times a week. I cough or clear my throat, as needed. I don't notice any damage or loss of ability, probably because it's a problem I have had all of my life. I am just used to it.

Which probably doesn't help you much. And some sources say that as we age, we become more susceptible to allergies. Which is really a misnomer. The allergic reaction is because the body thinks it's being invaded by a foreign body and mounts a defense in the form of mucus to trap it, and coughing and clearing to expel it.

For example, I am allergic to mountain cedar. So, guess what blows at us from Colorado? Mountain cedar. And where I live is over-populated with red and mountain cedar.

About the only thing I take is ibuprofen but that is for problems other than allergies (namely, I am getting old and falling apart. My grandparents said, "if it doesn't hurt, it doesn't work any more." And I haven't had a headache in years ..... wait a minute, let me re-phrase that ....)


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