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John Lennon

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He was just good. Technique is not necessary to be a singer, some people have more control naturally, others have to develop.

What is really important is that he was an awesome, a genial musician. His choices on how to use his voice were way more important than the way his voice worked. There is no need to worry about the later, anyone can learn to control and use his voice through technical trainning. But his interpretation lines... thats where the gold is.

I dont know what you mean by recording technique, but its his voice in there, nothing really so special about the recordings.

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Several years ago, I had a chance to hear some of his tracks from his double album. And his singing was not spectacular. What is on the album was largely due to recording techniques.

But then, again, he never claimed to be the greatest singer. Just an honest one. Personally, I liked his singing better than Yoko Ono's. Which may not be saying a lot.

However, it was also acknowledged that he was the rock and roll howler in the Beatles, more than Paul. Paul was more the choir boy, most times.

And I agree with Felipe in the sense that John Lennon followed the advice of all great singers. "Do what it is your voice can do, don't do what it cannot do."

The last bit is a tough road to follow. Not many have the strength to do that.

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John Lennon did not like the sound of his voice. This fact helped to develope what is known as a phase shifter. He would have George Martin record his voice on two tracks one in phase and one out of phase and then remix them trying to give his voice a better/fatter sound.

Paul Mcartney's voice changed drastically between songs, let alone between years.

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Gotta love YouTube! Followed the link and from there found a sequence of videos that effectively traced Watching The Wheels Go Round from an acoustic version, through an early demo, and the final version. Great stuff!

Personally, I love John Lennon's voice. It moves me, and one can't really ask for more than that :-)

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