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Properly Use TVS

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What is the best way to use TVS; the book and video/audio lectures? And when is the best time "ask for help." Note that the main goal for me is to bridge & connect easily and consistently =)

Thanks in advance!

- JayMC

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According to Owen, a skype lesson does best. I should caution you, however, that does mean having another human hear you sing. But from what I understand, he works with anyone willing to work.

The book is good but I got more in-depth treatment of Roberts' style by watching the vids. Many is the time you have written something and it was word-for-word what is written in the PIllars 2.0 book. So, I am sure you already have the book.

In which case, you are asking how people learn best and that differs in each person, regardless of the system being discussed.

So, can we hear a sample of your progress, so far?

Pretty please, with a cherry on top?

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  • Administrator


Have you watched "The TVS Warm up & Foundation Building Routine" video and consulted the routine in the back of the book? If not, that is a good answer for you... you begin by working through the "foundation building routine" in the back of the book...

Your foundation is a lot about calibrating and learning how to tune your onsets... then putting those onsets on the move , first with sirens and then with more advanced work outs.

The best time to get in front of me is early on. After you have read the book and watched all the videos... let me teach you the "Foundation building routine"... to make sure you don't make mistakes...

feel free to send me a personal email if you are a customer.


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There's your answer Jay, written more fully and better than I could state it.

And, according to a few students, not just Owen, one skype lesson with Robert will set you miles ahead on your developement in TVS. It's a hearing thing. Which is as it should be. One author had said that half of good singing is good hearing. Hear how something is done and the words make sense. Hear how it is done and the exercises seem relevant.

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Sorry, Owen, but you just did, in fact, in the reply above, state in so many words that the skype lessons are superior. Did you not just say that you get what you pay for? That you can progress more fully and quickly with the live interaction instead of just the book and the flv's?

And I was not incorrect in saying that you have stated that the skype lessons, if one cannot meet Robert in person, are the best. You even had another thread that had the gist that if you really are serious, you need to get the live lessons by skype or other means.

I apologize for repeating what you say.

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