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"When I Was Your Man" full cover - feedback pls :)

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Slow Start

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Thanks for listening :)

About 3 days into learning this song... a little more solid on the chords and melody. A few flubs. This was the first recorded take I did today, but I have been singing this song about 5 times during that session and have been singing about 7 hours total today.

Making an effort to feel a smaller space in my mouth starting E4 definitely seems to help me reach higher notes... I've never sung an A4 in a song, much less an A# (in the bridge)... and I felt like I was reaching them with relative ease.

Things I noticed:

I felt some lip constriction coming in during a few words like "wrong

I was releasing support too early during the first chorus.

"Dancing" is too much like "dansing" perhaps... I need to find a balance there.

Falsetto came in much more anchored the second time around.

"Realize" is a word that I can use to tension because I can really feel the constriction on that word when not relaxed.

I can hear some vowel narrowing as I went up... and I tried to keep it going in the bridge, but I think I got excited and forgot a little.

Anything stick out to y'all?

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