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Can't release head voice

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Hello, I have a lot of problems releasing my voice, right now I'm working on releasing head voice. I feel that the digastric muscles activate, like a lot, the higher I go the more they tense.

I can't even do lip bubbles without tensing up, my coach recommended that I do some cardio and to sing when breathing heavily with heart rate up. Some background problems I have, pulling the tongue back, pushing larynx down and sometimes a Kermit the frog sound on my voice, practicing some of the exercises he's given me the Kermit sound has started to disappear, when I sing a song I sometimes go nasal so I have to cover my nose to do it properly.

Some exercises I've been doing are "Wee" on scale like this, on this type of sequence, starting with head voice and then chest at the bottom C: CCCC G E C and then repeat a second time for one rep of the exercise, "wow" With the same scale, "May Mee My Moe Moo" singing that for example E with head voice and then on the lower octave with chest. Variations of that exercise include using a "W" instead of "M" which makes it a lot easier.

One important thing to mention I think is that after practicing those singing becomes easier, more relaxed, released.

My coach told me 1 out of 10 have a lot of problems with head voice, I'm that guy. Any tips or ideas?

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Your teacher is doing a good job. You can also do really quick octave jumps on any vowel start say on a d3-d4 first note chest second falsetto go quick make the release happen so fast the throat doesn't get a chance to grab. Go up as high as comfortable.. its like a yodel.

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