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Unbalanced Respiration & Placement

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John must be my student, there is not doubt that "the higher the pitch, the deeper the placement" is from "The Four Pillars of Singing". John if you have questions, you can email me directly...

And I assure you, its not "utter garbage"... listen to Owen who is ACTUALLY a client of TVS and knows what your taliking about and won't tell you to breath from your "belly button" which is utter garbage.

Unbalanced respiration = unbalanced respiration... your support is not balanced. You need to improve your respiration, seems pretty clear to me.

Resonant placement = the position by which the harmonic shift or formant is 'placed' in your body as you ascend or descend in frequency. It can also mean the position in your body by which you feel resonation.

The higher the pitch, the deeper the placement = as you go higher in frequency, the above mentioned resonant placement, shifts. The physical sensation of singing with good vocal technique is not static, you can actually feel the harmonics and formant shifting 'to and fro' in your body... which we refer to as 'resonant placement' sometimes.

I highly recommend that you take a few private lessons with me so you can understand more about what your doing... Owen, thanks for jumping in here and helping out...

John, do you own "The Four Pillars of Singing"?

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Ok, Thanks for explaining. And I emailed you questions but you said you were busy and that I'm going to have to buy skype lessons. And I have to wait until my birthday to buy skype lessons. So I decided to post on here my questions about Pillars.

- While singing, should you feel the air coming out? Or should you hold your breath?

- How do you balance your support? Are you referring to the flex from the hut exercise?

- How do you know which tongue position to use? The leverage one or open throat one?

If I want to sound bright and sing pop music, which would I use?

- So there's never "one" placement? This rock vocal coach told me the placement should always be on the forehead.

Could someone answer these very briefly and easy to understand?

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John, I understand, thats fine... I think I was just trying to remind you that I do this for a living and if I sat at my computer and handed out free email consultations all day, I would get nothing done... I get a lot of requests from clients and I do my best to answer and give LOTS of free time and advise as much as I can, but I do have my limits. Coming here was a good idea... Now to answer your questions.

1. Yes, you will feel air coming out when you sing. It is a wind instrument, you have to blow air through the vocal tract to sing. How could you make any sound, let alone singing, if you were holding your breath?

2. To balance your respiration, the best thing you would want to do is dial into your appoggio techniques. See "The Appoggio Set" in your copy of Pillars... discussions about respiration techniques are discussions about Appoggio. You balance yoru support by assuming the four principles of Appoggio in your book and practicing wind & release onsets will help you a lot.

3. Good question about the tongue. It is not mission critical either way really, they are just two different techniques that get you different results. So the answer is , it depends on the result you want. Again, in your copy of "The Four Pillars of Singing" there is actually a table that clarifies the benefits of open throat tongue position and the leveraged tongue position. Did you read your book? If you did, please refer to your appoggio section again.... Also, I just completed a NEW video lecture called, "The Two Tongue Positions" that is only in the product. I completed it last week. If you would like to see it, send me a personal email and Id be happy to share it with you. But generally, ... if you want to activate more vibratory mechanism, engage a bit more twang... or want to get your larynx dampened as a beginner, leveraged tongue might be favored... if you want better respiration, encourage your appoggio principles and get a slightly darker harmonic in your sound, the open throat tongue position.

4. Placement on the forehead, makes no sense... and I told you this already in the email you sent me. I remember the email. There is no resonant placement on the forehead and I it seems you just don't want to take my word for it. The forehead is the outside bone plate above your eye sockets, it doesn't resonate. If you mean a forward placement, maybe, it depends on what kind of sound you want to make and what frequency/pitch you are on... so you would need to provide a vocal sample and tell us what it is you rreally want to do with your voice. But as it is, this just doesn't make sense nor does it really tell us much to help you.

5. ... again, if you take a lessons with me, Im sure we can clarify these things and demonstrate for you instead of trying to decrypt what forum post readers are writing... which sometimes can be not qualified and get you even more confused... but ill be here and subscribe to this to look out for ya...

If you insist on doing it here, the best thing you can do is start by providing us a file so we can hear you.


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