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Hi, my name's John and I'm 16 years old.

I recently bought Pillars 2.5.

The problem is, I'm having a hard time understanding it.

I know everyone recommends buying Skype lessons, but we can't afford them right now.

In a few months, when it's my birthday, I'll be able to buy the lessons but for now, I can't.

So I was wondering if there's anybody willing to help me understand the program.

I have a TON of questions and I'm like so confused. I'm like misinterpreting every single word and sentence.

Is there anyone, who has Pillars, willing to answer my questions through email?

I know that Robert wouldn't like me posting all this valuable info from the book on this forum.

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@John - There you have it - right from the Coach himself! :) Not many people get this kind of opportunity.. Make the most of it..

And the more important part is not looking at affording lessons now (I live in India and can get a full time help at home for a month for the amount that one Skype lesson costs, to give you perspective!) but what is it that you need to do to MAKE the lessons happen.. I can tell you this - 3 lessons will sort you out more than any amount of audio and video demos.. Because all your questions and issues get answered, and the confidence levels soar.. You will NOT regret it!


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Thanks Bigfoot... I agree. First of all, realize I don't have to have 3 more lessons to sell... so I'm just trying to help you. When your on a video conference, you an answer questions in 15 seconds which would take 15 days of emails back and forth to be understood or never understood. It sets you into the right path as well. I will show you the ever important "TVS Foundation Building Routine" which, once you get going on it and your doing it right... the growth then begins to take off...

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