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Freedom In Passaggio

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Hello everyone, we talk a lot about covering here already... but not how to cover FREELY... or artistically. This is because covering freely through songs is generally considered an "advanced stage." How do you tell someone who has little to no passaggio EXPERIENCE to just sing a song that seems "belty" or too high for the speaking voice.

Let's put this in simpler terms though. After the bridge to m2-m1 has been achieved on a certain vowel.. lets say "ey" as in HEY! What is the next step towards singing a song. I will use myself as an example and a specific trouble area of a song.

To be more specific... a song that goes straight through the bridge.

My friend loves this song but I don't feel like I'm vocally "good enough" to sing it well because I have lower tone and cannot bridge consistently through songs.

2:28 to "did you forget everythi-ing" at @2:38 (Btw since we are talking technique, Swift trains with SLS)

Now keep in mind the artistic goal (since I'm a male) is to keep some power through those notes through the passaggio on the "ih" vowel as in SIT!. Its kind of like a siren but I will be trying to be smoother and more powerful WHILE going into m2 (headvoice). Should I just keep training on vowels and give up on the song for now?

In terms of myself when I bridge well on the "ey" vowel it is usually more of a "top-down" placement with twang.

What steps can I take to use my bridging on the "ey" to sing "did you forget everything" through this song?

Baby steps people!! :D I will take any recommended steps and if I do it will post a recording for feedback! Just remember this is not really my style but I would love to sing this song if I could only do light mass bridging on -ih- vowel without strain. Ps - want to sing it live... someday.

- JayMC

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At 2:07 is a belty part of the song which I'm not too worried about but the light transition to headvoice at 2:38 is something I'd struggle with live. In terms of "my voice" nailing the lighter transition would really help me nail the whole song, if that makes any sense =)

The best bet is to gently shift "everythi-ing to every-thEHng" and siren on it? Hopefully I will have a recording up by tmrw! It's late night here, thanks owen!

It's a tricky bit imo since the belty parts to most guys are not too difficult but the actual transition to pure head voice on a word proves to be difficult!

I just don't want to sing it live and ruin the song! lol the example is not a totally seamless shift imo and swift can get away with it because she is at that level and has a developed head voice range.

So I would have to controlled belt - maintain some power - modify ih to ey and go straight to m2. Btw twang is really helping me with this song too even the "back up, back up" can be switched to "quack, qwuck" if more compression is needed.

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